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The Bank of Herrin: An Unforgettable Chapter in the Story of Herrin, Illinois

At the heart of Herrin, Illinois, nestled on South Park Ave, stood a longstanding pillar of the community: The Bank of Herrin. For over a century, from its founding in 1904 until its closure in 2007, the bank played an integral role in the city’s growth and development.

A Journey Commences: The Bank’s Founding (1904)

The Bank of Herrin was established in 1904. This was a time of change and expansion in Herrin, as the community was transitioning from an agriculture-based economy to one fueled by coal mining. The bank, in its early years, provided crucial financial support to local businesses and families as they navigated these evolving economic landscapes.

Bolstering Herrin’s Growth and Development (1904-2007)

Throughout the 20th century, The Bank of Herrin was more than just a financial institution. It was an essential partner in Herrin’s growth, stepping in to offer vital support when the city needed it most.

A New Chapter: The Bank of Herrin and Carterville State and Savings Bank (2007)

The year 2007 marked a significant transition. The Bank of Herrin merged with the Carterville State and Savings Bank. Though the name ‘The Bank of Herrin’ faded away, the values, service, and dedication it stood for continued under the new banner.

A Legacy Carried Forward

Though the physical presence of The Bank of Herrin is no more, its influence is woven deeply into the fabric of the community. The bank’s commitment to its customers and the city of Herrin is reflected in the strong, resilient community that stands today.

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The journey of The Bank of Herrin is an integral part of Herrin’s rich tapestry. It was an institution born out of a community’s need, and it served that community faithfully for over a century. As we look back on The Bank of Herrin’s legacy, we recognize the immense contributions it made to Herrin’s growth and the lives of its residents.

In paying tribute to The Bank of Herrin, we remember and value the critical role that community banks play in shaping our towns and cities. They are more than just places to deposit paychecks or take out loans; they are interwoven into our daily lives, fueling local economies, fostering dreams, and helping communities like Herrin thrive. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of community banking, a spirit that persists in Herrin and countless other communities across the nation.

The Bank of Herrin
101 South Park Avenue
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